meet our founders

nikola brdaroski

Nikola Brdaroski | CEO & Co-Founder

igor georgioski

Igor Georgioski | COO & Co-Founder


The idea for forming a startup company was developed over the years, step by step, by two friends, coworkers and experienced developers, Nikola & Igor.

Today we represent a startup that has a main focus of transforming the app ideas of its clients into successful business and products.

Although we are a startup, our team is consistent of experienced software developers, business analytics and designers, so besides the creation of complex software solutions and developing UI/UX, we also focus on helping other startups achieve their goals, for which we opened a coworking space which is the first innovation and business center of this kind.

We do not work for the client but we work with the client.
Our team is compiled of exceptionally talented people who are eager to jump onto your challenge as their own, generate a myriad of possible solutions and deliver the most suitable outcomes for your business objectives.

You have a challenge, we find a ready-to-operate solution for you.

14+ team members
70+ projects finished
8+ years of experience